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BrandviDesign、Store design、Entrepreneurship training、Decorate、Equipment、Raw materials, etc. To help you to easily open a shop

One-stop catering outlets innovation service

The store layout

Decoration design

Store design

Brand design

The marketing store management

The marketing store design

Standardization of chain operations

Marketing outlets

The marketing store design

Equipment solutions

Product solutions

Equipment and raw materials supply

Internet promotion

Event planning

Promotion of layout

Fission marketing

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Standardized supervision

Standardization under the state council

Standard output

Stores supervision

Supply chain management

The location

Investment promotion contract

Investment promotion

Investment promotion mode

Design of financing

A business model

Listing guidance

Standardization、Operations management、Investment promotion、Financing on the market

Chain solutions

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All rivers run into sea,Selected high quality professional businessmen recommend around the world

What people are using?More related products、Customized service,For the intelligent operation and the icing on the cake

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Why do you choose“Heng star business services”

Your overall solution,Industry experts

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